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Who’s on the table? Full list of 2024 free agents revealed.

The AFL has confirmed its list of players that qualify for free agency in 2024

This year, nine players have earned the designation of restricted free agents, with notable names such as Hugh McCluggage and Jarrod Berry from Brisbane, Ben Ainsworth representing Gold Coast, and Tim English of the Western Bulldogs. The AFL recently distributed its official free agency roster to clubs, clearly outlining both restricted and unrestricted classifications.

Among those designated as restricted free agents are Blake Hardwick from Hawthorn, Cam Zurhaar from North Melbourne, Will Hayward of Sydney, along with Andrew McGrath from Essendon and Geelong’s captain Patrick Dangerfield. This group of nine individuals represents some of the highest earners within their respective clubs.

Restricted free agency status typically applies to players entering their eighth or ninth seasons with their clubs, placing them within the top 25 percent of earners. It grants their current clubs the option to match any offers from rival clubs and potentially facilitate a trade, unlike unrestricted free agents who can move freely to other teams without such considerations.

Last season saw players like Ben McKay and Jade Gresham switching clubs as restricted free agents, with Essendon being a notable destination. According to’s free agency list from February, Geelong currently leads the league with 12 free agents yet to sign for the upcoming season.

Here’s a breakdown of the current restricted and unrestricted free agents:

Restricted Free Agents:

  • Jarrod Berry (Brisbane)
  • Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane)
  • Andrew McGrath (Essendon)
  • Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)
  • Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast)
  • Blake Hardwick (Hawthorn)
  • Cam Zurhaar (North Melbourne)
  • Will Hayward (Sydney)
  • Tim English (Western Bulldogs)


  • Will Hamill*
  • Elliott Himmelberg
  • Ben Keays*
  • Rory Sloane
  • Brodie Smith
  • Taylor Walker
  • James Borlase*


  • Darragh Joyce*
  • Ryan Lester
  • Jarryd Lyons*
  • Dayne Zorko


  • David Cuningham
  • Sam Durdin*
  • Caleb Marchbank


  • Will Hoskin-Elliott
  • Jeremy Howe
  • Scott Pendlebury
  • Steele Sidebottom
  • Oleg Markov*
  • Jack Bytel*
  • Josh Eyre*


  • Dyson Heppell
  • Todd Goldstein^
  • Jake Kelly^


  • Ethan Hughes
  • Matt Taberner
  • Corey Wagner*
  • Bailey Banfield*
  • Patrick Voss*


  • Jed Bews
  • Mitch Duncan
  • Tom Hawkins
  • Jack Henry
  • Jake Kolodjashnij
  • Mark O’Connor
  • Brandan Parfitt
  • Rhys Stanley
  • Tyson Stengle*
  • Emerson Jeka*
  • Zach Tuohy


  • Sam Day
  • Brandon Ellis^
  • Nick Holman*
  • Sean Lemmens
  • Darcy Macpherson
  • Levi Casboult*
  • Jack Mahony*


  • Isaac Cumming
  • Nick Haynes
  • Lachie Keeffe*
  • Adam Kennedy
  • Harry Perryman
  • Callan Ward


  • Luke Breust
  • Harry Morrison
  • Conor Nash
  • Cooper Stephens*
  • Chad Wingard*
  • Jack Gunston


  • Tom McDonald
  • Jake Melksham
  • Adam Tomlinson^
  • Marty Hore*
  • Joel Smith


  • Hugh Greenwood*
  • Bigoa Nyuon*
  • Toby Pink*
  • Liam Shiels*


  • Travis Boak
  • Charlie Dixon
  • Francis Evans*
  • Trent McKenzie*
  • Quinton Narkle*


  • Jack Graham
  • Dylan Grimes
  • Dustin Martin
  • Kamdyn McIntosh
  • Toby Nankervis
  • Dion Prestia
  • Ben Miller*
  • Sam Naismith*
  • Mate Colina*


  • Josh Battle
  • Riley Bonner*
  • Tom Campbell*
  • Tim Membrey*
  • Seb Ross
  • Liam Stocker*
  • Jimmy Webster
  • Mason Wood*


  • Harry Cunningham
  • Ollie Florent
  • Lewis Melican
  • Sam Reid
  • Robbie Fox*


  • Liam Duggan
  • Andrew Gaff
  • Jamaine Jones*
  • Josh Rotham
  • Elliot Yeo
  • Zane Trew*


  • Taylor Duryea*
  • Jason Johannisen
  • Tom Liberatore
  • Lachie McNeil*
  • Lachie Bramble*

(*Previously delisted)
(^Previously a free agent)

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