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Easy to follow stake system.

We follow a very simple staking system for our sports selections. This allows for a very simple to manage bank roll so that you are never outlaying more than you should.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the following tips:

  • Horse racing tips are sent out 5 meets per week.
  • Greyhound tips are sent out 2 meets per week.
  • 2 NBA games per day
  • We will attempt to send out a tip for every AFL game however if there is no value we will not send tips out for the sake of it.
  • NRL selections are Thursday and Friday night
  • EPL selections are each game week
  • Tennis tips are sent for all major grand slams
  • NFL tips are sent weekly

When we refer to stakes on our tips, this is what we mean. A Stake in itself is an amount of money that you will put on a bet. You choose what your stake will be, and stick to it, a lot of cases it is $10.00, when a tip refers to a stake, the number next to it is how many stakes you should put on it. An example, if your stake is $10.00, and the tip says Stake: 1, you will put $10.00, how ever, if it says Stake: 2, you would put $20.00 on it.

We decide what a stake will be based on our confidence that the particular tip will get up, if we are less confident, you may come across a scenario where it says Stake: 0.5 in which case you’d put $5.00 on it. 

Our results are stakes based so if you want to know your +/- simply multiply the current results by your stake amount.

When the ‘-‘ is before a number, it’s a line bet or a handicap. The team in question must win by more than the number following the ‘-‘ for the tip to get up.

When the ‘+’ is before a number, it’s a line bet or a handicap. The team in question must get within the number or win the game for the tip to get up.

When the ‘+’ is after a number, it’s a margin bet. The team in question must win by this amount or more for the tip to get up.

Yes we do, all results are published here on our website.

We will always try to send you the tips as early as possible. As these are provided by individual tipsters there is no set time to expect them.

We’d be sad to see you go. You are able to cancel at any time. 

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